The Bus Stops Here

The Bus Stops Here

I’m very happy to announce that my Social Location Marketing book tour is kicking off. I am taking requests for city stops for the tour, which will start in Dallas on Feb 17th and then move on from there. Fort Worth is currently the second stop on Feb 24th.

As with most book tours these days, it has to be self funded – contrary to popular belief, publishers do not pick up the tab for these things. I’m keeping things as simple as possible for organizations that are looking to host an event.:

  • Buy 100 copies of the book
  • Cover the cost of a round trip flight from Dallas
  • Cover the cost of one night hotel accommodation

You can give the books away to attendees or sell them at the event if you prefer.

I’ll deliver a presentation on Social Location Marketing and how marketers can and are including these apps in their marketing plans.

Here are a few quotes about the book from people you might recognize:

“Have you checked-in to the new reality of business? Simon shows you how to engage the social consumer and compete for tomorrow’s future, today.”

Brian Solis

Author of Engage, the complete guide for businesses to build and measure success in the social web

“Too many people are running around nowadays calling themselves “Social media experts.” Simon doesn’t call himself that. His clients do. And they’re right. I’ll read anything this man writes.”

Peter Shankman
Founder, Help a Reporter Out – Author Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World

Location-based services are becoming increasingly crucial to brands, marketers and their agencies. Social consumers are sharing their locations – and how they feel about them – with these applications. This book is a vital head start for marketers who are seeking to incorporate these new capabilities into their plans (and that should be everyone).
Adam Keats
Senior Vice President - Weber Shandwick

This book offers a revolutionary idea: that you can win by timing your marketing to reach people who are actively sharing their location online instead of trying to blast them with irrelevant marketing at every hour of the day. Many now-defunct companies could have been saved by heeding this deceptively simple idea.
Rohit Bhargava
Author of Personality Not Included and EVP of Strategy & Planning at Ogilvy

You can get your city on the tour by completing this form.

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