YellowBrck Brings Location Sharing To Parents

YellowBrck Brings Location Sharing To Parents

yellowbrckYellowBrck feels there is room for one more social location sharing application. With Foursquare now running at over 10 million users and showing no sign of slowing its growth, Gowalla, SCVNGR and others continuing to sign deals with marketers can a latecomer really make a difference on the space?

YellowBrck – Meeting The Segmentation Need

One of the criticisms that can be leveled at the existing social location sharing apps is that they provide little or no segmentation. The only exception to this is Whrrl which tackles this through the use of societies. I’m a big fan of Whrrl, especially their new incarnation and the strong focus they have on providing marketers a clearer path to the consumers that matter most to them.

YellowBrck takes that concept one step further by being an app aimed at a specific market group – parents. Social location sharing has one area of concern that constantly raises its head – privacy – I personally advise people to think carefully about the places that they check-in, for example don’t check-in at your kids school. No one needs to know where your kids go to school, in fact do people outside your immediate safe circle need to know anything about your kids? With the majority of social location sharing apps you can decide where you post the check-in but even so there is always the odd mistake.

YellowBrck takes that concern out of the equation by replacing purely location based checkins with Activity based checkins. These include things like “Going for a Walk”. “Laundry”, “Nap time” etc. With these the activity takes precedence over the location and amongst parents that is actually what they are more interested in. After all sharing what you and your child are doing is more interesting than simply telling people where you are.


YellowBrck Brings Segmentation for Marketers

Given that a large number of the social sharers among parents are women and that a recent report by BabyCenter showed that 53% of Moms say they bought a smartphone as a result of becoming a Mother this seems like a great piece of segmentation. With YellowBrck marketers know exactly who they are reaching before they even start a campaign. Now they can be more creative about how they communicate with that audience and around which activity. For example if you are Procter and Gamble you might want to attach a coupon to the activity “Laundry”. If you are Hanes you might want one attached to the activity “Getting Dressed”. But do these prompts really work – again the BabyCenter survey would imply that they do, the report states that nearly half (46%) of moms have taken action after seeing an ad on their smartphone.

YellowBrck also determines location via zip code, which of course has a direct match for most marketers – allowing geographic segmentation for offers. Add to this the extremely low cost of entry for running a campaign with them – starting around $50 – $100 per month and no revenue attached model and you have a very compelling reason for marketers who have previously hesitated to try out social location marketing.


Will YellowBrck Inspire Others?

I definitely think that this model of app, that targets specific niches is going to be a trend that we see more of in the coming year. The generic, almost shotgun approach that some marketers have taken to social location marketing has not always produced the results that they had hoped. By providing them with the niche they are looking for within the app leaves them much more opportunity to be creative and to focus on the communication and less on the technology.

Though only a few months old YellowBrck is already attracting partnerships from merchants looking to target the demographic that uses it. They hope to go out for their series A funding at the beginning of the summer and will be releasing their API around the same time. They also have a full management dashboard in the pipeline with plans to release that later this year.

Overall I’d say that YellowBrck is definitely an app to watch. They have a good idea, they have the right market segment and they are in early. Download YellowBrck and let me know what you think.

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  • MaryAnne Wendt

    Looks like a fun app for parents! I will check it out. Thanks for sharing Simon!