SEO is Irrelevant

SEO is Irrelevant

SEO is IrrelevantOk calm down, stop screaming at the screen, I can’t actually hear you when you do that you know? Yes I mean it SEO is irrelevant. Social Content Optimization (SCO) is the future. Want proof of this, look no further than Google’s own efforts at social – Google Plus. They are trying to make it a social layer to search, they aren’t succeeding and in my opinion they won’t but its the threat they are using. Be present on our network or you won’t show up in search results, because social matters more than search.

Their newest evolution is to add G+ posts to Google places on Google Maps. A sort of Yelp from your Circles. That’s all good and well and a definite recognition that niche search trumps mass search every time but, without critical mass on either platform it is nothing more than another “feature”. Therein lies the problem for Google, they produce features from a product perspective not from a human perspective. Niche networks like Path, Instagram, Pinterest, Fancy and so many others are where people are discovering rather than searching.

Which leads to Social Content Optimization. Whether you are a brand, a business or an individual looking to be found you are going to have to do more than simply enter the right keywords and tags on your content in the future. You will need a content strategy that is multifaceted, that provides not only a strategy for outlets for your own content but ways to provide opportunities for your community to create and share content about you. This is the way that your business, brand, organization or individual content will be found in the future.

Find the niche networks where your audience resides and then create conversations. Is this more work than SEO? Yes, without doubt. This is not about keywords, backlinks or any of the previous efforts you have put in. This is about actually connecting, it will take longer, more effort and be harder work than SEO but and here is the real kicker, it will reap more benefits. Social Content is shareable, it is conversation worthy and it is more than just a blog post. Video, audio and pictures are increasingly more important than just words alone (which might sound like a strange statement coming from a writer).

I am not suggesting you abandon your SEO efforts immediately, but I am strongly suggesting you stop thinking it will be the way you drive traffic in the future and start putting together that content strategy that actually optimizes your social content.


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Simon Salt has been creating online content since 1993 and blogging since 2000. He is an author, speaker and digital strategist. He can be found on most social networks as "incslinger". When he isn't working he is either taking photographs or riding his motorcycle - sometimes at the same time.

  • Andrea

    I agree with everything here except that connecting with people is harder than SEO. I think it’s easier to chat, inform, and give in order to connect with others. It’s almost like SEO was more pre-work to get to real humans… that said social and communication skills still matter in making successful human connections.