Kick Your Kids off KiK

Kick Your Kids off KiK

KiK MessengerKiK Messenger from KiK Interactive was a hot app last year having been released late in 2010. In March 2011 they received $8m in series A funding. The basic operation of the app is as an instant messenger, think Blackberry Messenger or iMessage and you have the general idea.

KiK Bad App or Bad Users?

I saw them at SXSWi and even tried their service out for a while, I decided it didn’t really serve any purpose for me, that wasn’t to say it wasn’t good, I just didn’t fit their user profile. However, it turns out that teens love the product and with good reason, it is a network and a communication tool in one and because it is on their phone can be used anytime, anywhere. Therein lies the issue, even the most digitally savvy parents might not think to check a free app that allows instant messaging for ulterior motives.

A brief check of the ratings section on the Appstore reveals exactly what they are using it for, yes you guessed, sexting. The problem is, like with so many social networks, there is no age verification, so while the people posting their usernames and saying they are a 15 year old girl there is no guarantee that it is not in fact a pedophile using the app to groom their next victim. Take a look at the screenshots below from the appstore where people are using the review section to connect with other users. These are just a couple but the first one thousand reviews I looked at were all very similar.

Kik MessengerKiK AppKik review

I reached out to KiK for a comment but they didn’t respond, I guess they aren’t too worried about how their app is used. I’m not suggesting that they designed the app to be used this way but I think that they have a duty of care to police the community they have created and to try and provide an environment that doesn’t allow for the exploitation of minors. If your son or daughter were listed in these reviews would you feel that this was a good app for them to be using?

What are your thoughts? An app gone bad or just some bad users and not something that parents should be worried about?

About Simon Salt

Simon Salt has been creating online content since 1993 and blogging since 2000. He is an author, speaker and digital strategist. He can be found on most social networks as "incslinger". When he isn't working he is either taking photographs or riding his motorcycle - sometimes at the same time.


    This could be the beginning to some very bad behavior for kids

  • Danielle Smith

    I can honestly say the speed of my heart increased as I read this.  I could only think of the number of parents I know who do not spend the amount of time online, Simon, as you and I do – who don’t KNOW to investigate these types of apps, who don’t realize the potential harm.  

    Like you, I suspect (or I HOPE) KiK didn’t create this app to be used in this vein, but I do believe they have a responsbility to their users, to the minors, to police the community.  

    • Simon Salt

       Danielle – exactly. We forget sometimes that we live in a bubble. Those that don’t need us to help inform them.
      As the Father of two daughters I’d be horrified if one of my girls posted like the 15 yr old has.

    • Chromejob

      I just found my daughter was using Kik, sending and receiving photos. Very disturbing. What’s worse is that Kik’s developer makes it difficult to delete a minor’s account. Check this:

      You have to find some other Kik user to send a message! Sending a “parent inquiry” requires a complicated registration process – while signing up for Kik is super-easy and does little to verify users’ age. Grrrrr.

      Zen Interactive is not being responsible, and sidestepping COPPA legall standards.

  • C.C. Chapman

    This is the second post I’ve seen about Kik being used in this way.

    As a parent I COMPLETELY get the worry, BUT every parent should realize that any chat program can and will be used in this way. It isn’t the software’s fault.

    Everything from Twitter, to Facebook to Oovoo and everything else that allows kids to communicate with each other is being used for things that can and should concern any parent.

    The key is that parents have to be aware of the tools that their kids are using and make sure we teach them what is right and wrong. We were all kids once and sexuality is something that every teenager gets excited and confused by. Yes, with the rise of technology it is easier than ever to get in trouble, but it isn’t Kik’s fault.

    I’ve seen questionable things on Instagram, IM, Skype and every other social network out there. I just wish people would focus on the behavior rather than the tools. There are always going to be new tools that get used in ways we don’t like.

    • Simon Salt

      I totally agree, and I’m not necessarily picking on KiK per se but trying to highlight an issue that parents face and using this system as an example.

      You are absolutely right that teaching is the solution.

      My concern is that obviously from the 1000 reviews that are in fact requests to connect including the one in the screenshot from a 15 year old girl that education isn’t happening.

      On top of that, that 15 year old girl could well be a pedophile looking to groom their next victim.

      • C.C. Chapman

        I hear you and agree. It is a scary world out there.

      • LH

        I agree as well that all those other programs can be abused as well. But from personal experience with KIK – besides the fact that you don’t know WHO is texting you, one of the biggest concerns is that they are based in Canada. The laws are different there and they do not have to turn over user info to the authorities. Even if it involves a minor. 3 different, big law enforcement groups on them, still can’t get info. We were told that if there was an issue with a company based in the US ( ie. FB ), we would have issues resolved within days or weeks instead of months. ( we still aren’t done )
        Be very careful, continue the education with your kids, limit the programs they use, sometimes it still doesn’t matter. Lots of curiosity and temptations out there for them.

        • Frank N Stein

          Wrong. They can indeed be made to release info if a crime has been committed or if you suspect a crime has been committed. YOU don’t get the info but the police do.Requests from outside Canada for such info have to be made through Canadian law enforcement agencies and not directly from the FBI etc. How do I know this?? I am in Canada and a former RCMP auxiliary member.

    • Pandaman delany

      I have been sexting for years in my texts it doesn’t take a genius to realize that unless you actually teach your kids better it going to happen signed doesn’t give a flip

    • Trish

      I tested this app myself and have used facebook for years I have never seen facebook be used in this kind of way. I put a friend request out to some random person saying hi and I then received 6 picture of their penis. So in my opinion this app is disgusting and should be removed!!!!

    • Santo

      I disagree with you. I have never seen facebook allow you 2 sext with girls all night long that you don’t know. KIK has destroyed me. No its not the apps fault, its my own but KIK needs to improvise itself. 18+ and require PROOF of AGE.

  • Nick

    In most states, the penalty for underage sexting can result in having to register as a sex offender for up to 20 years… I think that alone should be enough to stop kids from getting into that kind of thing, but apparently not.

    That might be a good little piece of information for KiK and other similar apps to include right at the top of the terms of service though.

    • Simon Salt

       Nick – that is a very good idea about putting it in the terms of service. I’m not sure how many teens would read it but maybe their parents would.

  • Brobertson

    Just found this on our daughters IPhone. Repeated sexting with numous people – including photos. We’ve taken away her for 1 year, and no computer or any digital device for the next 6 months. She’s 16 and we’ve been hammering this point home for over 5 years  – too bad for her she wasn’t listening. Honor roll kid, never in trouble, crazy…..

    • Seriously

      Then maybe it isn’t as big a deal as you make it. Sexuality is a natural thing

      • Bmon

        Not natural to seek approval and validation in this way. It is dehumanising and degrading. There is no real relationship or intimacy, just vulnerability and devastation…wait and see.

        • Hobbesbear23

          It’s not necessarily seeking approval, teens just want to get themselves off, if any things unnatural its this social construct of inhibiting our own sexuality till we reach an abstract age.

    • Kenzie

      Sexuality is normal. Teens are curious. Be happy she’s just typing and sendin pictures instea of having actual sex. It’s not a big deal as you make it seem. The REAL reason why you’re mad is because it’s your daughter and you don’t want her to grow up and you don’t like thinking she would say and do sexual things but get the fuck over it lady.

      • Santo

        A 16 year old sending pictures is a Felony. Yes, that is an issue. While I don’t think conversational sexting is that bad, it can progress to worse. I am experienced and have been doing it since I was 13. Sadly, most of the girls who were older than me are now the same aged girls who are younger than me. It disgusts me every day that 15 year old girls (and younger) are contacting me… its also disgusting that 40 year old women are contacting me. Its also even more discusting to know that a 40 year old could be talking to your 15 year old. That makes me sick to my stomach.

        • fuckgodamnit

          Probably shouldn’t share your profession so bluntly. Let me guess, you’re a social worker age 49-58 and you have worked in some sort of teen-pregnancy foundation, you have your biases preset to maximum, and you have very useful commentary to share with any sort of scientific community. Was I spot-on, Linda?

      • Police Information

        Because Teen Sex-ting is a crime in most states it is a big deal. Most states have laws prohibiting the distribution of child pornography/ Nudity. (Law Enforcement Officer.)

        • fuckgodamnit

          Hey officer, could you please fuck off? fucking dickhead

        • xenia

          how do i report a kik account

      • Mathew Yost

        kenzie, that has to be one of the stupidest things i’ve ever heard.

    • dirkdingler

      those are the easy ones! you think she’s a good girl but she sexting adults at night.

    • dancechick

      the exact same thing with my little sister. Same age. I dont see what the point is.

    • momofawesomegirl

      Good for you!! I am saddened and wonder in retrospect if this tactic could have prevented my daughters attack. (see above)

    • Santo

      I honestly wish more parents would monitor their kids. I was addicted to sexting for a while and am getting over it. I cry at night before work and after i get home from work because of this. I’ve never had legal trouble because I am for sure way younger, I hope your daughter realizes that things could have gone way farther. Again, 16 years old sending nude pics is a felony. As is the person on the other end committing a felony.

    • leaveurkidalone

      its not a bad app, 1 u r too protective, shes 16! leave her alone! a year is too long! maybe 2 weeks but ur over board! shes fonna have sex anyways and u cant stop her, u had sex! sexting isn’t bad, better text then in real life! and its not kiks fault, shes chose to do it, and either way ur crazy fuck off and leave her the hell alone! u cant stop it, it is wat teens do!

  • Snaveassilem

    Kids are abusing this app as a sexting freedom. Also engages sex offenders to continue behaviors that are not safe. Be careful parents. Get involved

  • Lisa

    The app is horrible for kids! They send explicit photos, nasty, nasty talk, anything goes and there’s no policing the people using it. Take your kids off it!!!!!
    A concerned parent

    • Samuel Koch

      Not the apps fault, teach your kids instead.

    • leaveurkidalone

      how is it the apps fault? the app isn’t forcing them to do anything! and just fuck of ur kid

  • Concerened Dad

    Kik………….This app is Dangerous!!!!!!! Constant Chat, creating more drama than you can believe. Sexting…Pictures…! The new Face Book for teenagers. And we as Adults, Know how many relationships have been destroyed over that site. Do yourself a favor and have your child delete this app a.s.a.p!!!

    • Calm Down People!

      Dear Adults, in all due respect, you can send dirty pictures and messages through regular texts. you can do that through snail mail. you can do that through eMail. you just gotta use it for good and not evil. ive been having kik for about two years now, and anytime some i do not know kiks me, i block them, therefore i never have problems with gross people!

  • A good Dad

    I’m going to have to infiltrate my sons phone to see if he is using this. I’d hate to lose his trust if he finds out but hey, even the best of the best have integrity checks once in a while.

    • Kenzie

      It’s just sex. He’s just typing things. It’s not like he’s raping people wtf.

  • Amanda

    Just discovered my 15 yr old being groomed by adult on this site.
    There is no monitoring at all, she will now be losing blackberry and tablet as her safety is far more important.
    We have had the safety talks many times , seems sites like these make it seem normal to behave this way.
    Totally disgusted!

  • jazzducky

    I’m 24 and I was shocked by kik , i was chatting with a guy and asked if he wanted to exchange pics (clean pics) and he sent me all manner of bad stuff , naked people even people who looked underage , I deleted the conversation and then deleted kik , I was so shocked and I’m male , I wont be download any app like that again , I implore you to keep a close watch over your children on such programs as it can be dangerous , I hope I have helped

    Ps its not just kik theres loads of apps this happens on
    Have a good day

  • Sia

    I’m 16 teen and I had kik. Once I tweeted my kik username on twitter and since then I’ve received no many messages of adult males! The worst part is that they we’re sending me “nude” pictures of them selfs! And they we’re asking me to do the same! Some of their messages were aggressive and those guys were all over 18+, even in their 30s! So I deleted my kik account. Keep kik away from your children’s! It’s not safe! Their is tons of perverts in there! All they do is trade naked pictures! It’s disgusting! Sick with iMessage! Kik should really be banned or they have to make it safer! It was really traumatising! I hate kik!!!!

    • Guest

      Its called blocking them and there is a setting to do that so don’t tell me there isn’t

    • guest

      Y would u put your kik username on twitter for everyone to see in the first place?? That dangerous!!

  • Cory Westfi

    You people need to all take the sticks out of your asses. If you think your daughters and sons are too young to be sexting. Don’t buy them a phone/ipod/laptop, etc. If they have any of those things, they are going to do sexual things with it. They all do it, but only some of them get caught. And they you all act surprised…”OH NO MY INNOCENT LITTLE DAUGHTER!”…
    Just teach them to be safe about it. Tell them the kind of people who are out there in the world, and tell them about the fakes. Stop trying to prevent the inevitable.

    • Concerned student

      Not all teenagers are sexual animals. This is coming from a college student who has grown up with laptops and smartphones/tablets. I agree that you do have to teach your kids, however if you know that something is a threat to your kids safety, you should restrict it (and yes, sending explicit photos over the internet is a threat to your child’s safety. At the very least the social consequences are cringing (I.e. Teenage socially caused suicide!!!)).

  • Person

    I’m 10 and turning 11. I met a boy on kik who said he was 14. Turns out he was older… he sent me a video that was… dirty. Luckily, I hadn’t checked my phone for texts and I hadn’t seen the video yet when my mom went on my phone and saw it. She was glad when she found out that I hadn’t seen it. My phone is now at a police station. If you are a kid or teenager, don’t get Kik!

  • Anthony

    Honestly , who cares? QUIT BLAMING KIK FOR YOUR PARENTAL HANDICAPS. Stop the little so called kids on here with their life stories of how horrible kik is. kik is an amazing app. with freedom comes responiblity. if you think kik is bad then take your kids off skype, oovoo, twitter, instagram and alllll the other mainstream apps. quit using kik as a scapegoat smh……..sick.

  • Guest

    I found this app on my son’s phone. There were several people chatting, and (he was not interacting with this person) one girl said she was 16 and would take pictures doing anything asked with her 5 year old sister! I am just sick. I feel like I need to report this but I don’t even know where to begin as my kneejerk reaction was to delete this app and block all apps, among other things. So I don’t know the user name or anything.

  • angrymom

    My daughter is 11. I had never heard of this app before. Three grown men were asking for naked photos sending naked photos and talking extremely sexually to her. I never wanted her to have a phone with internet access at her age but her father got it. Her account is listed as a minor so he was alerted by the phone company. She should have never been able to sign up for this or be exposed to what she was exposed to. We got the police involved but it seems to be little use. I just want to warn other parents in my situation.

  • Reality Check

    It surprises me to no end how ignorant people and adults in general can be, all of you are overreacting, overprotecting and are all going to end up pushing your kid to do even worse things, seriously its an app, its words and pictures, no one is being forced to do anything and no one has to tell anything about themselves, teach your kids responsibility and know that they are teens and that they are going to experiment with sex and if they’re doing it with sexting that is a hell of a lot safer than in real life. Get a fucking grip on yourselves or you will push your children to even further extremes.

  • Fuck stupid parents

    parents are just mad its there daughter . Remember all the things you did as a teenager ? adleast shes not actually out there doing it shes on her phone chill the fuck out . besides the pics were prob fake and btw yall parents just mad cause your kids are talking to boys on kik even if they dont have a phone just stfu yall dont know shit why dont you make a kik maybe you will like it and probably more that 90% of the people are real and dont use kik for that are yall stupid or something XD we use snapchat for that dont be stupid .

  • DancingBacon

    Honestly, I’m a teen and i have kik. I’ve had no problems with sexting or perverts of any sort. You know why? I don’t share my kik username on social media. Ever. You really should be careful about putting your username out there. I only use kik to text people i know. Kik is okay, as long as you’re being safe and responsible.

  • guest

    i have never disliked app more than kik i acutally hate it more than facebook didn’t think that was possiable it’s hard to delete account on their as some of you may have notices you can’t just go account settings deleted it it only lets you delete the app it took me almost 6 months finally delete my account which kik still keeps your infomation i’m not kid i’m 24 years old i used few times to i had reaziles how much i hated it people on their just stupid kids or young adults only smart ones reazile it to delete it most people on their acted stupid o another site you with kids should watch for is topix that big sexually site that kids alot people get on that i hated but was anle to erase it they all sick on their i don’t see point in acoal networks this app to me just imessage people you know

  • bluebird

    My son just got the kik app and i am sad to say he was resently approached online by numerious sicko’s tomake nasty videos of himself doing awful things.. he is 16 but he thinks like a 12 year old..and doing those things he thaught he was making friends..i just wish i would have caught it sooner… now some pervert has this video, and morelikely passing it around. Please parents KEEP YOUR KIDS OFF OF KIK.

  • Jay

    Watch out people go around taking your pics and pretending there a girl and if you send them pics they will post it on the Internet for fun.

  • Guest

    You parents make such a big deal of everything gives us some space and for every parent out there that had a child who has done something like that all because he/she did it doesn’t mean that all of us are doing it so parents that think kik needs to do something about it stop trying to screw everybody over if u feel like ur child is doing it take it away and give it to her when she is 18 gosh

  • awesomeness

    Okay I have mixed emotions about this. I think it’s fine if there is sexting going on because 1: it’s just skin 2:it’s natural. But I have kik and there are pervs and people who try to force you to send a nude. My advice, don’t tell any personal info and don’t show them your face. Simple.

  • really?

    wow of all the lazy, ignorant… stop blaming TV, the internet, software, messengers, magazines, newspapers, radio, etc etc. It’s none of their faults. It simply comes down to educating and parenting your kids. i’ve been ‘online’ since the 5th grade in the 80′s, granted the internet didn’t exist, but there were still plenty of online forums, and I knew then not to share/post personal info.. and i had plenty of requests appropriate or otherwise. Most parents think their kids are good, THEY ARE NOT, obviously. Teach your kids common sense. quit blaming others.

  • Raven Null

    I am 22 and I have had a kik account for about 2 years now. I have never run into any pervs nor have I had anybody try to sext me. Treat your username just like you would a phone number and only give it to people you trust. Now I have met people on kik and maybe 10 of them were sort of creepy but the great think about kik is it’s easy to block people and a hassle to make a new account and use a different account unless you have more than one phone so stalking isn’t really a problem. Kik has been my main messaging app for over a year now. I don’t even use texts. It’s all about how you use the service. And yes when I was a teen I sextets people but it wasn’t random people from the internet. Honestly teens are developing their sexual interests and if they have access to any electronics they more than likely they will sext and that can be more dangerous or less dangerous than actual sex so parents the best thing you can do is actually tell them everything they want to know about sex and encourage them to explore their sexuality because that is healthy starting at puberty but know that they will do things like sext and explain to them the dangers of things like sexing but also how to be safe. Also if and when you catch them then don’t say you are punishing them for their own safety because you know it’s because they are growing up so fast and you don’t want to imagine them even being sexual but that’s part of growing up and being a parent and instead of punishing them instead actually try to talk to them and fully answer any questions they have and warn them of the dangers of sexting

  • HotBoy

    Kik : HotBoy , all girls add me

  • HotBoy<– joke


  • Trish

    This app is about pornography and the fact of the matter is that anyone of these people on here could be a sexual predator! This is a horrible app and should be removed it is very horrifying to find that your child has become a victim within less than 24 hours of using it!!!!

    • John

      Dear Trish,

      It seems as though many parents like you don’t realize how good kik can be. Many people like you don’t realize potential of any social media, and forget that lack of freedom turns a straight a student, into a dropout.

      Please, allow me to explain.

      I am a teen, I was raised with the ability to do much, bit I was also very limited. My parents knew that I wasn’t aloud a phone, shooting games, or games like grand theft auto, or even coffee until they knew I was mature enough, at age 8, I was aloud shooters. At age 13 I was aloud GTA, and at age 16 I got a phone. I am a big social media guy and love to explore features of many applications on such devices. I’m a tech kinda guy. I’ve had kik since late 2012, and have not yet looked down on an app of such.

      My former friend who had strict parents, making him go to church every weekend, making him have certain times for electronics, have to eat healthy, they were basically really overprotective and strict parents. This man became a addicted to various drugs, stole liquor, and became a narrow minded guy to both women and men. He got social media and used it for setting, communicating, and other various things you guys make big deals of.

      Kik has become a great utility for teens in both communication both text and picture messaging. I have friends with and without phones and sometimes they have a device with kik on it, so I can use kik to talk to them,this is ideal when one gets suicidal thoughts, or has some trouble in their life, I can be there for them to help them through it. Kik is also great if I go to a park and find a beautiful sight, I can snap, and save it for later to send to a friend whos phone plan doesn’t include unlimited picture messaging, or maybe they don’t want to spend money on data, this can make beautiful scenes a better acheivment being able to send that someone your effort filled picture, that can add a smile. Since kik is universal, a lot of people have it, making someone without a phone, still have the texting advantages. zit is easy to sign up, and easy to get into the texting fun that most have. Kik is a great tool, fast messages can make that important question be answered immediately. Besides, kik isn’t really a whole lot different then most messaging services anyways, its just taking features and improving upon them, so why butcher the bad points?

      If someone gives their kik names away, that isn’t the apps fault, not near the problem. I’m gonna say it straight forward to ALL parents, concerned or not, it is not the apps fault. It is your kids. Kik can be used to sext, so can a phones texting service. Kik isn’t much different then a lot of things. Many people can make an email, fake name, fake anything, hell even create a fake IP address, and run around saying send pics. So quit being narrow minded teen hating overprotective dick riders. A parents job is a parents job, but to push extreme consequences upon bad teachings, or something so natural just isn’t right, if you don’t look at the bright side of the bad things and vice versa, you won’t ever be able to cooperate with your teen. zdont suspend certain things like messaging, because your kid may be talking rude things about you to their friends and they will lose all respect for you and become rebellious, a social life is a big thing in a teenager. Learn a bit from personal experience and not so much a poorly thought of bias opinion.

      Don’t argue with your kid, don’t suspend the freedoms, cooperate, talk, learn and forgive the things that may happen. Teach and be taught, minds of the younger sent always correct, but sometimes, they may know the key components of some aspects you may have forgotten. Don’t be mad at anything, get a peaceful mind, get out of your over protective bubbles, and come to a well planned even solution as a punishment. dont ignore the say in a teen, or let them have as much freedoms, just come to an conclusion that is appropriate, agreeable and sensible.

      Sometimes a kid can teach the well taught. Keep an open mind and think of more then one thing then your own views. The app is great, its all on how you use it. think positive and quit being so goddamn selfish. I helped many from suicide with this app. I can continue to be the great friend I always was with this app. I could be helping someone, while you rant on about seeing a 16 year old dick. Think sometimes please.

      Thank you all.

  • Paul Lipska

    I think the real danger of KIK is people misrepresenting themselves to get access to minors either in person or in digital form. People need to realize once you press send it is out there forever. With the data embedded in these pictures a savvy stalker can even track a person down via the GPS info attached to the pictures

    I think the US is repressed sexually but the last thing a teen needs is to deal with these very adult issues when their hormones are already making them nut jobs to begin with.

    My teenage years were horrible. Some of the people I went to school with would make any third world dictator jealous now we are arming these evil little fuckers with naked pictures of their fellow classmates. I can’t even begin to imagine that scorched earth scenario.

  • liz

    I’d also advise parents to look at their childs instagram if they have one, cuz you can search ‘tags’ and I typed in kik and there were a few inappropriate photos as well as ppl advertising their kik username not saying all are teenagers just bringing it to other ppls attention. I read somewhere a 14 yr old girl went missing after actually meeting someone on kik so anyone saying its just words being exchanged that isnt necessarily true.

  • Nick

    It’s not the app’s fault , but the people who r taking advantages of it and using it for outrageous uses.This still doesn’t mean u shouldn’t trust ur kids with it, because if you trust ur kids then you’ll know they won’t do anything like this.I check my teens phone every so often when he’s a sleep, and have yet to find anything of the sort.

  • Chelsea

    Well im 8 i read this and if a creepy person texts me im blocking him/her i just rp with my friends.

  • susan

    I’m a teen who previously used KiK and this article speaks the truth. It’s not a safe app. I feel like parents should make sure that their kids aren’t downloading it and are not using it because kids can be oblivious to the dangers.

  • just me

    I just recently found Kik on my 11 yr old’s tablet and curiously messed around with it for awhile, I was instantly concerned!! I think that its quite comical that Kik claims to have parental controls when it basically amounts to using a blocking method AFTER receiving the text/picture and it’s also sad that they say no one under the age of 13 can use the app, but yet they have no age verification method. Its a feeding frenzy for pervs and sexual predators! I totally agree that we should teach our children about “Net Threats” just as much as “Stranger Danger”. It has nothing to do with blaming or pointing fingers but EVERYTHING to do with being responsible.. everyone needs to be knowledgeable and aware, Kik included!

  • Sara

    My older sis said I can get kik in high school and now I for it

  • Sara

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  • Sara

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  • Sara

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