Artkive: The App That Helps You Be A Better Parent

Artkive: The App That Helps You Be A Better Parent

Artkive - Save ArtIn my weekly newsletter last week I included Artkive as the Mobile app of the week (you can sign up for the newsletter on the home page – the banner at the top of the page or use the sign up at the bottom of this post). Why did this app impress me so much?

Firstly, take a moment to watch the video they produced that explains the concept, then I’ll tell you why I love this app so much.

As a parent I can immediately relate to this situation – what do you do with all that artwork that your children bring home? I was intrigued as to whether this app could be as good as it looked. Having included it in the newsletter one of my friends reached out to thank me for making them aware of the app. Jennifer Leet who is a digital mom and writes at The Dirty T Shirt let me know about her experience with the app. This is what she had to say:

I love it!! Set up was a breeze from the child set up to the group message set up. Now my family all over the place gets to see my kids artwork when it happens and not just if they happen to come to the house!!! LOVE this app. I already sent my youngest daughters 1st project she did last night to everyone. Thank you!!!! P.S. My dad who is in Albuquerque said he loved the artwork and was glad to get it sent to him :)

I’d say that was pretty good praise for the app. But as compelling as that review is, it’s not why the app made it as App of the Week for me. While I am a parent, both my daughters are grown and I no longer have to make those painful decisions about which art work to keep. However, as a Digital marketer with a strong focus on the mobile space I’m always looking for examples to share with fellow marketers of how I think apps should be built. Artkive is the perfect example of what I am referring to when I talk about user-centric design.

I asked Jedd Gold the creator of the app a few questions:

  • Where did the concept come from?

I have 2 daughters, 6 and 3, and we were getting bombarded with art they’d create.  A few times I got caught throwing their work away.  Have you ever seen the look on a disappointed 6 year old’s face?  Additionally, my wife would photograph a lot of their art and it seemed like such a tedious process with no real data about the images being stored and then a ton of time spent creating a book. I thought there has to be a better way to store these important memories, de-clutter the house, not feel guilty when throwing stuff away, and have it all easily turned into a book.  And so, Artkive was born.

  • Are you planning other versions of the app – say for art students/photographers etc.
Yes, we are looking at a number of other “kiving” concepts.  Some may be related to Artkive – allowing for specific functionality to improve the way it’s used by certain groups. We’ll closely watch how the app is being used and more importantly listen to the customer feedback we’re getting, then decide how to improve the app.  We’ve already gotten suggestions from people that we are integrating now.
  • Have you thought about how brands might connect with parents through the app – if so anything you can share?
Right now our focus is on creating the best possible user experience for parents.  We’re working on core functionality and making improvements to enhance the app’s utility.  We’ve had some brands reach out to us who are interested in exploring potential partnership opportunities. We haven’t explored anything specific at this time, but are open to conversations with brands that are aligned with our customer’s interests.
  • When will the Android version be available :-) (Yeah I’m on Android)
Getting Android launched is one of the key initiatives we have on our plate (along with getting the print features integrated).  I am getting email requests around the clock from Android users asking to be notified as soon as we launch.  I would hope we’d be ready with Android in the next 60 days.

I particularly loved Jedd’s response to the question about working with brands – the fact that they are waiting to find a brand whose goals align with their own and those of their users is exactly the sentiment that makes this app so worthwhile.

So if you are an iPhone user and a parent I highly recommend downloading Artkive from the app store and saving your kids art!

Got questions you’d like to ask Jedd – (not app support questions please) then drop them in the comments and I’ll make sure he gets them.

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