“Like Us On Facebook”:Why It Doesn’t Work

“Like Us On Facebook”:Why It Doesn’t Work

FacebookYou’ve seen signs in stores, icons on websites and various other places – “Like Us On Facebook” they say, and they leave it at that. Not only is this bad marketing, it shows a complete lack of understanding of both your customers and Social Media. The trouble with Social Media is that it has been touted as a quick and easy route to customer engagement. Create a Facebook page, have thousands of people like it and bingo your job is done. This is why, so often Social ends up in the hands of the intern or someone equally lacking in basic marketing skills.

Social is still marketing. Yes there I said it. Despite what some digital guru’s and agencies will tell you Social requires basic marketing skills. Audience knowledge, copywriting, knowledge of A/B testing etc. Why is this true? Because you are still dealing with people. Marketing has and always will be about communication with people, the technology hasn’t changed that. So a message that has no call to action will fail, always. “Like Us On Facebook” is not a call to action, it’s a plea.  Reading this doesn’t make me like your brand, it makes me think you are desperate and needy. As a marketer it also makes me wonder what you are using for metrics – “Likes”, “Follows” etc? Sure those are numbers worth glancing at from time to time but they aren’t real metrics.

So does that mean you should give up trying to market through a Facebook page? No of course not. What it means is that you have to provide people with a reason. That’s what a call to action is. The trigger that moves someone from reader to engager. Below is a picture I took at a recent event I spoke at. I intended to share the same message with the group and this sign just happened to be at the entrance. The marketing team for the location already understood the difference between a plea and a call to action.

Like Us On Facebook

So what is great about this? Firstly they give me a reason to like them on Facebook – “For Instant Canyon Creek News” – so if I am  a member or interested in being a member of this club that is a good reason for me to like them on Facebook. Next they actually give me the URL of their Facebook page – they don’t expect me to do the work and search Facebook for their page. Two simple steps that take “Like Us on Facebook” from a plea to an actionable request.

Are you making a plea or a call to action?

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