Metrics lead to improved customer experience

Metrics lead to improved customer experience

BabyIt’s been twenty years since I had to purchase diapers for either of my daughters, so it might seem strange that I am writing about diapers here, and actually I’m not, the point of this post is to highlight a use case in understanding your customers. What sparked my interest was seeing that has recognized that the traffic they receive to their website is coming from mobile devices and that traffic is increasing.

I’ve been saying this for years now in my presentations, use the metrics available to your organization to make changes that get you closer to your customer. Don’t make assumptions, don’t jump on bandwagons, look at the behavior of your customer and then help them get more connected to your brand in a way that makes sense to them. While other brands might think that it would be a great idea to start a pinterest campaign with a board full of cute baby pictures, this brand is focused on doing something that drives value to the bottom line (no pun intended).

According to their customers “.. have been steadily moving to shop via mobile and tablet devices -  in December 2012 40 percent of all traffic came from mobile and tablet devices, an increase of more than 100% from the year prior.” If you see behavior changes like that and don’t respond are you really connected to your customers? Probably not. So produced an iPad app that allows customers to shop for and complete a purchase from their iPad. is part of Quidsi Inc, Ron Feldman, director of Quidsi’s mobile and tablet group said “Our mission is to make shopping for baby essentials as easy as possible, and our customers have been telling us that shopping on a tablet is a key part of that.”

Not only does the app provide a mobile shopping experience but it syncs with the website so that a purchase started on a computer can be completed on the iPad later. Obviously recognizing that those purchasing diapers aren’t always in a position to simply sit down and tackle one task at a time, they are much more likely to be multi-tasking and something like diaper shopping, while essential, is also something that should be quick and easy.   Like other grocery apps the new app includes functionality to store frequently purchased items and select them again when they need replacing.

What I really like about this use case is that it shows an organization that is striving to know its customers better, is responding to their behavior and is adjusting its purchase path accordingly. I’d love to see more brands adopting this type of focus on customer behavior instead of opting for what they think is a quick and easy solution via social tools. Knowing your customer and responding to their needs is the best path to increased loyalty and consumer advocacy.

What brands are you seeing that are being responsive to customer behavior?

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